About Us

"People who celebrate, creators,
Create a world where everyone is happy. ”

Our decoration items are
We are working with foreign women living in Japan.

What kind of image do you have when you hear South America?

In the South American countries behind Japan, the culture of celebrating events such as birthdays is very popular.
On special days for children, families, and friends, grand parties are held by decorating homes and venues.

People in South America place great importance on the feeling of wanting to celebrate.
In fact, SOL LUNA products are
We are working with foreign women living in Japan from countries with such a culture.

As they struggle to raise their children while working in Japan, the employment environment and economic situation can become unstable.
Due to the Japanese language barrier and cultural differences, it is difficult to fit in with society, and you may become isolated.

"I want to support the important feeling of celebrating a special day"
I had a dream.

Even if you are not familiar with parties and decorations,
Anyone can enjoy decorating easily and easily.

SOL LUNA products were born from this concept.

Celebrators and creators alike,
Create a world where everyone is happy.

While delivering happiness to our customers through our products,
To prevent the economic independence and isolation of foreign women living in Japan,
And by obtaining a stable life for them,
We aim to create a society where children do not give up on their dreams.

Origin of SOL LUNA

SOL is the sun in Spanish.
LUNA means moon.

Foreign women who always have a bright smile like the sun, even though there are difficult things,
I wanted to support her while gently watching over her like the moon.

i want to make you happy

A special feeling to think of an important person.
A product that gently supports such feelings,
I make it carefully one by one in a domestic atelier,
We will deliver.

FOUNDER / Representative Anna Horiguchi


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