Our Story

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My name is Horiguchi, the representative of SOL LUNA.

As mentioned on the About us page, all SOL LUNA products are handmade by Japanese Peruvian women living in Japan from a country with a culture of party decorations.
They not only create products, but also design and plan products, and operate the brand together with Japanese staff.

Why did we launch the brand SOL LUNA?
This time, I will talk about the story of SOL LUNA, focusing on my past.

Words that changed my life

My father is Japanese and my mother is Colombian.
Being able to speak Spanish led me to engage in activities to provide native language education and learning support for "children with foreign roots" living in Japan when I was a university student.

One day, from a 9-year-old child I met in a learning support classroom

“Why did Anna-chan go to college even though her mother is a foreigner?”
"We don't have money at home, and I can't study either, so I can't go."

The word is told. When I heard these words, my head went blank, not knowing how to respond.

In fact, when I was in my third year of high school, my father fell ill and the financial situation of my family deteriorated. There was a past that I might have given up on going to college without it.

At the age of 9, he has already given up on his future and is pessimistic.

Because my parents are foreigners, because I'm a double, because my family is poor... What kind of experiences did this child go through before uttering those words?

I wanted to change the environment in which children were forced to say things like this, so I have worked for an NPO and conducted research at a graduate school for the past eight years.

"I want my children to go to high school and college, but I don't know what to do."

I hope all parents continue to study for a better future for their children. We didn't come true, but we wanted to go to high school and college.

However, going on to high school or university requires not only studying, but also preparing for complicated examination systems and expensive tuition fees.

I don't understand the system is complicated. Money is tight. But I don't know who to talk to. I have met many such parties.

What I saw at the site was not only children, but also the difficulties faced by foreign adults. Isolation from society due to the unstable living environment, economic situation, and Japanese language barrier has a great impact on the lives of children.

I realized that continuing support for children requires connecting with parents and stabilizing their lives .

She works with foreigners, especially women who are more likely to fall into difficult situations, and leads to a stable life for children through support .

SOL LUNA is a brand that was launched based on the thoughts above.

SOL LUNA's motto "Te queremos ser feliz."

We provide support to foreign women in difficult situations while staying close to our customers' feelings through our decorative items.

We hope that the SOL LUNA decorations will be an opportunity for you to learn more about the existence of foreign women, the culture they cherish, and their wonderful skills.

Anna Horiguchi